Re-upholstering is a great way to bring new life to a chair, pillow, couch or other piece of furniture. Vintage and antique furniture that is solidly built, but has become worn or outdated is perfect to consider re-upholstering. At Eagle River Interiors, we will aid in your selection of the perfect fabric to update your favorite piece. Like you, we understand the desire for something unique that fits your personality and your sense of style.

Shaw Floors Carpeting

We will be happy to look at your piece, help determine the specific design qualities of it and aid you in selecting the perfect fabric and trim. We want your style shining through while we ensure the materials chosen are perfect for your needs and lifestyle. A picture of your piece or, a home appointment with one of our designers to look at your piece, is all we need to get started.

Miscellaneous Fabric Decor

Throw pillows that match your drapes, a table runner to match your sofa, or a bed skirt to match your upholstered headboard, these kinds of details really give your room a polished and cohesive look. Because everything is custom made, we can be very flexible on creating miscellaneous fabric décor for you. If you aren’t certain if it’s something we’d offer, just ask! We also offer custom, locally handmade, drapes and curtains if you are interested in a truly one of a kind room.