Benefits of Honeycomb Shades

Hunter Douglas energy-efficient honeycomb designs are distinguished by a crisp, clean style. Available in single, double, triple and Architella, honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb cells, as well as an impressive range of colors and opacities from sheer to blackout.

Did you know that up to 50% of a home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows? That’s why we designed this unique cellular shade that traps air in distinct pockets to help keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

You can aslo improve your room’s acoustics while reducing the intensity of outside sound. It starts at the windows. The degree of sound control will depend on the fabric you choose, so if this is an important feature to you, be sure to discuss it with your sales expert.

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Styles & Features Available


The original single-honeycomb and double-honeycomb Duette® shades come in multiple cell sizes, a horizontal or Vertiglide™ vertical orientation, and a range of light-control options from sheer to opaque.

Our double-honeycomb construction traps air even more efficiently than our single honeycomb by sandwiching two honeycomb cells between your room and the window. The Vertiglide™ option offers an exceptional, energy-efficient vertical solution for large expanses of windows and sliding glass doors. This style is also available in Top-Down/Bottom-Up and LiteRise.

Duette® Architella®

Our honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb design offers energy savings in both winter and summer. Choose from the largest selection of fabrics, colors and pleat sizes. Vertiglide™ andTop-Down/Bottom-Up options are also available.


Our revolutionary IllumiCell™, with an exclusive clear inner cell, diffuses natural light for enhanced illumination and energy efficiency. Yes, you can have both!


The new industry leader, Duette®​ Architella®​ Trielle™, incorporates six layers of fabric, five insulating air pockets and the largest 1.5” pleat size, delivering 20% more energy efficiency than even our original Architella shades.

The Alustra® Collection of Duette® Architella®

The Alustra® Collection of Duette® Architella® honeycomb shades fuse function with style. Unique fabrics are layered together in the Architella construction to create a distinctive look with superb energy efficiency bringing stunning practicality to each room in your home. Architella® is our advanced honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb construction—further increasing your energy-efficiency options.

Our handpicked, premium fabrics turn ordinary rooms into ones of beauty and distinction. When framed with our exclusive metallic hardware finishes which reflect light in numerous ways, these fabrics create window fashions that can complement your décor and create welcoming, comfortable spaces.

Available in Vertiglide™ and Top-Down/Bottom-Up.


Applause® honeycomb shades offer a streamlined selection of fabrics, colors and operating systems, including Vertiglide™. The only honeycomb shades with energy-efficient, triple-cell construction.

Our double-honeycomb construction traps air even more efficiently than our single honeycomb. Our triple-honeycomb construction traps air even better than the double honeycomb with three honeycomb cells between your room and the window.

Available in Vertiglide™ and Top-Down/Bottom-Up.


Venue™ fabrics feature Microshield which resists the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria that can cause odors. The first cellular fabric in the market to offer this protection.


Liven up your space with bold, modern colors and patterns that range from orange to blue to every color in between. Either way, these pleated shades add a lot of character. This style is available in Top-Down/Bottom-Up.

PowerView Motorization™

This window covering style has PowerView motorization options. Just program PowerView to move your window treatments to the exact position you want and then control and schedule them using the intuitive PowerView App on your smartphone or tablet. You can also operate your PowerView settings using the stunning new PowerView Pebble™ Control.

Consultations & Installations

Our staff will help you choose the perfect style of window coverings based on your needs and visual style. We offer consultations at our store or in the comfort of your own home. Once you have made your selection professionals will take measurements on-site and remove any old window coverings. We then provide skilled installation of your new window coverings. We do it all expertly, so your windows will look amazing and give lasting satisfaction.