Benefits of Cork Flooring

Cork flooring has many of the same benefits as carpet. It does not get cold like hardwood or stone, insulates noise well, and is comfortable to walk on. Cork is a renewable material as it only uses the bark of the cork oak, which then grows back. Cork is also naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and termites.

  • Warm
  • Comfortable
  • Quiet
  • Sustainable
Cork Flooring is Warm, Comfortable, Quiet, and Sustainable

Care & Maintenance

Cork flooring will need to be resealed with a protective coat every few years. On a day-by-day basis cork floors are easy to maintain. You only need a mild detergent and a vacuum cleaner. For daily/weekly maintenance, you can also use a broom handle with a cloth on the end. The removable cloth has a substance with anti-static characteristics, which will clean all the dust and prevent its settling on the floor. Before wiping the floor with a damp mop, vacuum, broom or sweep the cork floor to remove all loose dirt. This avoids dirt to penetrate on the embossing and joints of the floor. Use a damp but not soaking wet mop and water to clean general spills. When deep cleaning the floor, use a damp mop with recommend floor cleaners formulated for cork floors.